Delivering Justice: The Untold Odyssey

Discover the Hardships, the Sacrifices, and the Successes of a Union Fighter and Dedicated UPS Employee. Learn more about the exciting backstory.

Author Biography

Witness The Journey Of David F. Roy As He Exposes The Dark Side Of An Institution

David F. Roy

David F. Roy, a strong man and steadfast supporter, left UPS after 40 years to tell a heartbreaking story. He was a Teamster Steward who held strong with mounting stress, declining morale, and deteriorating quality control. Look through his eyes, and you’ll see how a once-proud institution lost its way as avarice and corruption took over. The story of Roy’s trip shows that the human will is strong and can overcome any obstacle in the pursuit of justice. Get ready to be moved as he reveals his truth, revealing a system about to implode.


A Corporate Web Revealed: The Truth About UPS

In his book, UPS veteran David F. Roy courageously exposes the company’s shocking fall in working conditions and morale over the course of his 40 years there. This eye-opening narrative details the pressure to meet ever-increasing standards, the dilution of worker protections, and the difficulty in serving as both a loyal employee and a staunch union supporter.

A Corporate Web Revealed: The Truth About UPS

Book Summary

This book will expose the slow decline of working conditions and morale of over 40 years of employment at UPS. It outlines the struggles of one individual trying to uphold the company standards as well as the hard-fought Union rights. It explains the difficult balancing act of being a good employee and standing up for himself and the workers he represented as a Teamster steward.

Through the years it became more and more difficult to maintain that balance. Every new contract that our union leaders negotiated seemed as if we lost more than we gained. This divided the rank and file a great deal. To say that there was a lack of solidarity would be an understatement. Some members were as distrusting of the Union as they were for the company. examples of this are outlined in these pages.

This also shows the lack of help from the government agencies which should be a safeguard of work standards when the union Falls short. Those agency shortfalls are also detailed.

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What You’ll Find in the Pages of This Book

Unveiling the Hidden Truths

UPS’s unreported story exposes severe working conditions and the decline of employee rights, helping you comprehend corporate dynamics.


Resilience and Determination:

Witness the unbreakable spirit and tireless struggle for justice, encouraging you to discover strength in hardship and stand up for justice.


Insights for

Learn about worker and union concerns, encourage insights and critical thinking, and start conversations about fair and just workplaces.



A gripping account that sheds light on the corporate world’s dark underbelly. Roy’s story resonated with me, inspiring a renewed sense of solidarity and the importance of fighting for justice.

- Sarah M.

This book is a wake-up call! It exposes the sacrifices and struggles of hardworking individuals while urging us to question the status quo. A must-read for anyone seeking social change.

- James D.

Delivering justice is a powerful narrative that captures the resilience and determination of workers. It left me motivated to take action and support fair working conditions for all.”

- Emily R.


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